Top 11 most dangerous jobs in the world

1.Construction worker

Construction worker(建筑工人)(Photo/Xinhua)

Many accidents happen at construction sites. Workers often do their jobs under giant steel beams or on the uneven surfaces high above the ground. The most common cause of death among construction workers is falling. Explosions, electric shocks, loud noises, high and low temperature, solvents, smoke, asbestos and incorrect lighting can also be dangerous to construction workers.

2.: Land mine remover

Land mine remover(排雷工)(Photo/

De-mining, or mine clearance, is the process of removing land or sea mines from an area. Since manual mine clearance is much more effective than any automated method, human workers are still used to do the dangerous work of deactivating the world’s land mines.

3: Fisherman


Working in the fishing industry is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Fishermen have to work long hours every day, sometimes in darkness, without time for breaks. The heavy equipment used to catch fish is rife with potential for accidents. And though GPS technology helps to direct fishing boats, but in bad weather conditions and fatal accidents still happen

4: Lumberjack


Lumberjack(伐木工)(File Photo)

The slopes of the mountains on which most logging is done make lumberjack work quite dangerous. Carrying heavy equipment up steep terrain with a slope of 70-80 degrees often leads to accidents, especially in extreme weather. There is also a very real danger of being injured by a falling tree.

5: Target girl

Target girl(标靶女郎)(File Photo)

A target girl is a female assistant in circus performances such as knife throwing, archery or sharpshooting. The assistant stands in front of a target board or is strapped to a moving board while an impalement artist throws knives or shoots projectiles so as to hit the board but miss the assistant. The potential for injury or death is part of the visual thrill for the audience.

6:Mine worker

Mine worker(矿工)(Photo/Xinhua)

Working in a mine is undoubtedly a tough job. This job requires working outdoors, usually underground, for long periods of time. Workers are often exposed to large amounts of silica dust causing silicosis, which leads to inflammation and nodular lesions in the lungs. There are also the much-covered instances in which miners are killed in mine collapses, blasts, fires or landslides.

7:Lion tamer

Lion tamer(狮子训导师)(File Photo)

Taming lions sounds an interesting job, but it is actually very dangerous due to the obvious risks of toying with the powerful instinctive carnivores.

8:Alligator wrestler

Alligator wrestler(鳄鱼跤手)(File Photo)

Wrestling an alligator is a dangerous but exciting activity. To win an alligator-wrestling competition, wrestlers must place their heads between the jaws of real alligators there for a set period of time, an activity with obvious dangers.

9:Helicopter cable worker

Helicopter cable worker(直升机线路员)(File Photo)

Helicopter cable workers are those surreal-looking workers who fix various cables and power lines from a helicopter. The special conductive clothing these linemen wear allows them to work on high-voltage transmission lines with their bare hands.

10:Mountain Guides

Between ice, long falls, jagged rocks, wind, low air pressure, and a whole slew of other dangerous sounding conditions there is a reason that climbing mountains is not know for its safety.


Although most people probably don’t consider this profession when thinking of dangerous work, since the beginning of the Russian and American space programs about 430 astronauts have gone to space. With 34 deaths that is a 7.5% mortality rate which is significantly higher than many other professions on this list.




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